Suzuki Every Price in Sri Lanka

Suzuki Every Price in Sri Lanka

What is the price of Suzuki Every in Sri Lanka?

Suzuki Every Brand New Unregistered Price in Sri Lanka starts from Rs. 4.5 Million.

Suzuki Every Used Price in Sri Lanka starts from Rs. 3 Million.

Suzuki Every Fuel Efficiency on average is 18-20 km per Litre.

In addition the price of Suzuki Every varies with the year of manufacturing and model. With the ban imposed on importing vehicles, vehicle prices have gone up unprecedently in Sri Lanka. Government sources have recently confirmed that the import ban will be there in 2022 and price of Suzuki Every will continue to remain high at least for another year and there's no guarantee that the price of Suzuki Every will drop in the near future.

Suzuki Every Quick Facts

  • Engine – 660cc 
  • Fuel Type - Petrol
  • Transmission – 4 Speed Automatic
  • Top Speed – 140 mph
  • Fuel tank capacity – 27L

Suzuki Every Price in Sri Lanka

About Suzuki Every

The Suzuki Every is a micro van available in both commercial an passenger versions. The model was originally called the Carry, but after a while it was renamed the Every.

The Every is available with both 4x2 and 4x4 configurations and received a series of upgrades in 2007. Unlike other boxy Japanese models, the Suzuki Every isn’t sold only in its home market and it can be found in many other regions.

The vehicle is basically a rebadged version of the Mazda Scrum and it shares the same engines and technologies with its twin. Power comes from a 660 cc engine which is mated on either three of four speed automatic transmissions.


As most vans of its type, the Every won’t win you any beauty awards as its boxy shape isn’t exactly charming. Though, Suzuki’s designers managed to come up with a pretty interesting design language which is perfectly suited for the versatile nature of the van.

The front is dominated by a pretty nice grille which is flanked by a pair or raised, rectangular headlights which give the vehicle a smug face.

The bonnet is pretty short and enhances the boxy shape of the Every. The front and rear bumpers have been reshaped and come with a pretty modern design. We especially like that the van features a generous glass area which keeps the cabin airy.

Along the sides there is a longitudinal crease which starts to run from the front headlights all the way back to the rear light clusters. The B and C pillars have been blacked out and give the van a touch of sportiness.

Access to the load area is made by means of lateral sliding rear doors or a convenient roof hinged tail gate. Around the back, you’ll find a set of modern clear lens taillights which cope great with the robust design of the body.


As most vans of this type, the Every’s cabin is pretty cramped with limited head- and leg-room. The seating position is also pretty upright and the seats are a bit flat and hard. Luckily you’ll find enough adjustments, which will help you get cozy behind the wheel.

We also like the all around visibility which is nothing short of excellent thanks to the wide glass area that surrounds you.

Suzuki Every Price in Sri Lanka

Suzuki tried to make its small cab look bigger by wrapping it in a bright beige colour which looks fairly nice. The materials look pretty upscale for a utility vehicle, but the cheap plastics still rule the place. The build quality however, must be the best you’ll find around and every fitting is well done.

The two spoke steering wheel is also pretty modern and offers a confident grab, despite its compact dimensions. The center stack is a bit cluttered and intrusive, but some sacrifice had to me made to fit the gear knob into the dash.

The dashboard features a pretty robust design and we like the big cubby hole that can be found in front of the passenger’s seat. There is also a glove box, a set of door pockets and a useful tray fitted with cup holders and a few cubbies nested between the front seats.

Engine and Performance

At the heart of this small LCV sits a similarly small 660 cc engine with two valves on each cylinder head. This is the same unit used in the old generation and develops 57.6 hp at 5500 rpm. As you’ve probably guessed, the Suzuki Every’s performances are far from being sporty, but its 63.4 lb.ft of torque can deal well with small weights. The vehicle it’s also pretty lively around town and can keep it up with traffic without too many hesitations.

The four wheels drive Suzuki Everys are mated on a four speed automatic transmission, while the 4x2 models get a new three speed automatic unit that features a set of upgrades which help it offer a 0.2 km/L improvement in fuel economy.

Judging by micro van levels, both transmissions are pretty smooth and won’t disappoint you in any situation.

The Suzuki Every is a pretty agile micro van and its small dimensions help it deal great with congested traffic situations. Its ride isn’t first class, but for a commercial vehicle, the suspension is pretty forgivable. Up front it gets classical MacPherson struts, while at the back in comes with an isolated trailing link.

The van is fitted with 12 inch wheels which are far pushed into each corner to improve the road stability. Body roll is present, but it’s not as big as expected.

You won’t have any complains about the breaks, as you can rely with confidence on the capable front discs and rear drums.

Suzuki Every Price in Sri Lanka


The new generation Suzuki Every continues to move the micro vans heritage further. Unlike the old model the new Every comes with a pretty attractive interior wrapped in a modern sheet metal.

The cabin is fairly spacious too and offers a decent level of comfort. The compact exterior dimensions make it the perfect vehicle for light urban duties and its engine is pretty lively and efficient. Though, as most vehicles of this type the ride and handling chapters are far from being great.