Datsun redi-GO price in Sri Lanka

Datsun redi-GO price in Sri Lanka

What is the price of Datsun redi-GO in Sri Lanka?

Datsun redi-GO Price in Sri Lanka starts from LKR 2,500,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 25).

Datsun is a brand owned by Nissan and cars are manufactured in India.

Datsun redi-GO Fuel Efficiency on average is 16 - 20 km per Litre.

In addition the price of Datsun redi-GO varies with the year of manufacturing and mileage.

Datsun redi-GO 2016 Price - LKR 2,500,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 25)

Datsun redi-GO 2017 Price - LKR 2,600,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 26)

Datsun redi-GO 2018 Price - LKR 2,800,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 28)

Datsun redi-GO 2019 Price - LKR 3,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 30)

Datsun redi-GO 2020 Price - LKR 3,500,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 35)

Datsun redi-GO Specifications

Engine and Performance
Type Hatchback
Engine 800 cc Petrol
Horsepower 53 hp at 5678 rpm
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Max Speed 140 km/h
Fuel Efficiency 16 - 20 km/L
0 - 100 kmph time 15.9 seconds
Capacity and Dimensions
Seating Capacity 5
Fuel Tank Capacity 28 L
Wheelbase 2348 mm
Length 3429 mm
Width 1560 mm
Height 1541 mm
Kerb Weight 876 kg
Cargo Space 222 L
Ground Clearance 185 mm
Wheel Size 13 inches
Safety Features
Airbags Yes
Reverse Camera No
Parking Sensors No
Keyless Entry No

Datsun redi-GO Review

The Datsun redi-GO is an affordable, fuel efficient hatchback that's perfect for the city. It's surprisingly spacious for its size and has great fuel economy. The car is not designed to be anything more than practical transportation, but it does exactly what it was designed to do well. If you're looking for a practical and affordable car that will get you around town with ease, then this may be the right choice for you!

Design and Style

The design and style of the redi-GO is one of its best features. It has a sleek, modern look that will turn heads. The Datsun logo is emblazoned on the grill at the front, and the hatchback has a black body with silver accents. It's not your average hatchback. The design isn't just pleasing to the eye; it also helps to improve fuel efficiency by about 10 percent, so you'll save money on gas in no time. If you're looking for a car with character and doesn't want to break your budget, then this is an excellent choice for you!

Interior Space

Anyone who has ever driven a small car knows that the interior space is usually pretty limited. However, the redi-GO has more than enough space for all your passengers and cargo. It's got plenty of headroom for taller passengers with seats that are easy to adjust. The backseat is also surprisingly spacious, with enough room for two adults or three kids to sit comfortably. If you need to carry any large items, then this isn't the best choice. But if you're looking for a car with plenty of storage space around the cabin, then this is it!

Comfort and Driving

The redi-GO has a small steering wheel and an easy-to-reach shifter that makes driving feel natural. The car is really comfortable to drive in because of its large windows that provide excellent visibility. Driving the redi-GO feels like you're driving a toy car, but it's much more stable than you would expect. It handles well in turns, maneuvers around tight spaces without problem.

Fuel Economy

The Datsun redi-GO has a fuel economy of 16-20 km/L in the city and 22 km/L on the highway, making it an efficient car for daily use. These numbers are higher than other vehicles in its price range, including the Tata Nano and the Suzuki Alto 800, both of which have a fuel economy of 15.2 km/L in the city and 19.6 km/L on the highway.


Datsun has been making a big push in the Indian market and the redi-GO is their first car in the country. The car offers a number of features that will help it compete with other cars in the market. The redi-GO is cheaper than other cars in the same segment and offers a fuel efficiency that is comparable to what other cars offer. The car offers good driving comfort and has a number of features such as power windows and Air Bags. 

The redi-GO offers space for four passengers and features a boot space of 222 litres which is adequate for most purposes. It also offers a competitive price tag of LKR 2.5 Million.

Datsun redi-GO Pros

  • Cabin is spacious
  • Affordable car 
  • Good fuel efficiency

Datsun redi-GO Cons

  • Only manual transmission option is available
  • Carries only 1 star safety rating

Where to buy a Datsun redi-GO in Sri Lanka?

Associated Motorways (Private) Limited (AMW) is the authorized dealer for Datsun cars in Sri Lanka. You can buy from them or from a 3rd party dealer.

Datsun showroom in Sri Lanka : 

  • 185, Union Place, Colombo 2