Honda N-WGN price in Sri Lanka

Honda N-WGN price in Sri Lanka

What is the price of Honda N-WGN in Sri Lanka?

Honda N-WGN Price in Sri Lanka starts from LKR 4,400,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 44).

Honda N-WGN Fuel Efficiency on average is 16 - 20 km per Litre.

In addition the price of Honda N-WGN varies with the year of manufacturing and model.

Honda N-WGN 2015 Price - LKR 4,400,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 44)

Honda N-WGN 2016 Price - LKR 4,800,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 48)

Honda N-WGN 2017 Price - LKR 5,200,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 52)

Honda N-WGN 2018 Price - LKR 5,500,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 55)

Honda N-WGN 2019 Price - LKR 5,800,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 58)

Honda N-WGN 2020 Price - LKR 6,200,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 62)

Honda N-WGN Specifications

Engine and Performance
Type Wagon
Engine 660 cc Petrol
Horsepower 58 hp at 7300 rpm
Transmission CVT Automatic
Max Speed 140 km/h
Fuel Efficiency 16 - 20 km/L
0 - 100 kmph time 17.1 seconds
Capacity and Dimensions
Seating Capacity 4
Fuel Tank Capacity 30 L
Wheelbase 2520 mm
Length 3395 mm
Width 1475 mm
Height 1655 mm
Kerb Weight 840 kg
Cargo Space N/A
Ground Clearance 150 mm
Wheel Size 14 inches
Safety Features
Airbags Yes
Reverse Camera Yes
Parking Sensors Yes
Keyless Entry Yes

Honda N-WGN Review

A Car That's Worth Your Attention

In today’s economy, it’s never been more difficult to find a decent deal on a new car. Whether it’s because of your budget or the high demand for cars, it can be hard to find that perfect car that you have been looking for. If you’re in need of a reliable and affordable car, Honda has recently introduced a great new model: the N-WGN. The N-WGN is a small, fuel efficient car with a competitive price and excellent gas mileage. Not only is the price reasonable but the traits of this vehicle make it well worth your attention. Check out our review below to see if this is the right vehicle for you!


The N-WGN is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable car. The N-WGN is a compact car with an economical engine that offers fuel efficiency and great gas mileage. Price in Sri Lanka starts at LKR 4.4 Million which is ancompetitive considering the great features it comes equipped with.

This vehicle also provides excellent cargo space to make it easier for you to carry around your belongings in the trunk. It also comes with sensors that will allow you to park easily in tight spaces, like garages or parking spots. This car is available in 6 different colors including red, blue, white, silver, beige and black.


This car is a great example of Honda sticking to what they know best. The N-WGN has a design that is distinctly Honda; it's function driven and sleek. It has a bold and simple exterior with an interior that is comfortable and convenient. It has an adjustable steering wheel and seats that can fold down, giving you more space for your belongings.

In terms of design, the N-WGN really doesn't have too many unique features. But the simplicity of the design is what makes this car so desirable for buyers on a budget. You don't need to spend a lot of money on this vehicle if you don't want to because it doesn't have some of the expensive features other cars have.

Safety Features

The N-WGN is a great car for safety. It has a long list of safety features, including a rearview camera, panic braking assistance, and autonomous emergency braking. You can also find all the safety features in the Honda Sensing package, an add-on to your vehicle package that can help you stay safe on the road.

Safety is so important to us that it’s one of the reasons we recommend the N-WGN to our readers. After all, when you’re on road it’s important to have a car that will keep you safe from any accidents. We especially love these features because they will guarantee your safety while driving.


Honda is on a mission to prove that the Honda N-WGN is more than just another small car. It's a small car with big ideas. A small car that's worth your attention.

Honda N-WGN Pros

  • Comes with latest safety and other features
  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable interior
  • Good fuel economy for a non-hybrid wagon

Honda N-WGN Cons

  • Acceleration could be sluggish

Where to buy a Honda N-WGN in Sri Lanka?

Stafford Motor Company Pvt Ltd is the authorized dealer for Honda cars in Sri Lanka. You can buy from them or from a 3rd party dealer.

Honda Showroom in Sri Lanka : 

  • 718/7, Maradana Road, Colombo 10