Toyota Hilux price in Sri Lanka

Toyota Hilux price in Sri Lanka

What is the price of Toyota Hilux in Sri Lanka?

Toyota Hilux price in Sri Lanka starts from LKR 8,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 80).

Toyota Hilux fuel efficiency on average is 8 - 10 km per Litre.

Toyota Hilux is in the market since 1968 and has the reputation of being a reliable pickup truck around the world. The Hilux Rocco was introduced in 2017 with a more rugged look.

In addition the price of Toyota Hilux varies with model, mileage and year of manufacturing.

Toyota Hilux Price in Sri Lanka

Toyota Hilux 2010 Price - LKR 8,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 80)

Toyota Hilux 2011 Price - LKR 9,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 90)

Toyota Hilux 2012 Price - LKR 10,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 100)

Toyota Hilux 2013 Price - LKR 11,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 110)

Toyota Hilux 2014 Price - LKR 12,500,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 125)

Toyota Hilux 2015 Price - LKR 14,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 140)

Toyota Hilux 2016 Price - LKR 16,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 160)

Toyota Hilux 2017 Price - LKR 18,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 180)

Toyota Hilux Rocco Price in Sri Lanka (2018 onwards)

Toyota Hilux 2018 Price - LKR 20,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 200)

Toyota Hilux 2019 Price - LKR 23,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 230)

Toyota Hilux 2020 Price - LKR 25,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 250)

Toyota Hilux 2021 Price - LKR 28,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 280)

Toyota Hilux 2022 brand new price in Sri Lanka - LKR 30,000,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 300)

Toyota Hilux Specifications

Engine and Performance
Type Pickup Truck
Engine 2800 cc Diesel
Horsepower 177 hp at 3400 rpm
Max Speed 185 km/h
Fuel Efficiency 8 - 10 km/L
0 - 100 kmph time 10.4 seconds
Capacity and Dimensions
Seating Capacity 5
Fuel Tank Capacity 80 L
Wheelbase 3085 mm
Length 5330 mm
Width 1855 mm
Height 1815 mm
Kerb Weight 1900 kg
Cargo Space N/A
Ground Clearance 247 mm
Wheel Size 18 inches
Safety Features
Airbags Yes
Reverse Camera Yes
Parking Sensors Yes
Keyless Entry Yes

Toyota Hilux Review

Toyota has been in the automotive industry for over seventy years, and in that time it's built a reputation for reliability and quality. It's also the number one automaker in Japan, so when their trucks are released, they're much anticipated. The Toyota Hilux is Toyota’s answer to the truck segment.

The Toyota Hilux offers many new features that people have been asking for. From an increase in power to better fuel efficiency to more cargo space, the new Hilux is one of the best trucks on the market today. If you want to find out if it’s worth your money or not, keep reading!

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the Hilux is sleek and modern. It has a more aggressive look with its front end, and it looks like it can handle any job you throw at it. With a 18-inch alloy wheel and LED headlights, the new Hilux will turn heads when you drive by.

The interior of the Hilux is spacious and comfortable for passengers or cargo alike. There is lots of room for passengers thanks to three adults sitting comfortably in the back seats. There are also cup holders for passengers!  There are plenty of storage compartments for storing all your belongings whether it be in the cabin or in the bed of your truck. As far as comfort is concerned, Toyota really did not skimp out on this one either - The seats are comfortable and provide optimal support while driving.

Toyota’s Hilux is an excellent truck when it comes to cargo space. The standard cab offers a bed length of six feet and a wheelbase of 145 inches. With that space, you can haul most items with ease, from construction equipment or camping gear to furniture or landscaping equipment. 


The new Hilux comes with a 2.8-litre diesel engine, which is capable of generating up to 177 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. This gives the truck enough power to tow up to 2800 kg or carry 1000 kg of payload. If you're looking for a truck that has the cargo capacity necessary for hauling large items while still being able to pull heavy trailers, Toyota's Hilux is one of the best options!The Hilux also has an improved suspension system that provides a smoother ride with less body roll.

The fuel efficiency is also worth mentioning, as it's one of the best on the market today. The Hilux gets 8-10 km per litre combined, so you won't have any problems taking off cross country.

One downside is the lack of competition in this segment. There are plenty of trucks out there, but they don’t compare to this truck in terms of quality and features. It would be smart for other companies to start making more competitive trucks if they want to compete with Toyota.

Safety Features

The Toyota Hilux has many safety features. These include stability control, traction control, ABS brakes, airbags, hill start assist, stability control, 4WD mode, hill descent control, trailer sway control, brake override system, hill start assist, rear parking sensor, hill descent control, trailer sway control, brake override system, rear parking sensor, blind spot monitor system, cross traffic alert system and front parking sensor. 

With an increase in power with the Hilux's new engine, there's no need to worry about getting stuck. The body is made from high grade steel which gives better protection in the event of a crash. It also comes with Toyota’s Safety Sense P, which automatically applies the brakes in case of an impending collision.


The Toyota Hilux is a well-known and loved pickup truck. Toyota has been manufacturing this pickup truck for over four decades and it has seen many changes and improvements throughout the years. 

The exterior and interior of the Toyota Hilux have continued to evolve with time. The exterior has a rather masculine yet rugged look. The interior on the other hand is more modern with a touch of luxury.

The cargo capacity of the Toyota Hilux is great. It can be used both as a workhorse and as a family vehicle. The vehicle has a towing capacity of up to 2,800 kg which is enough for most people, but not the heaviest of loads.


Toyota Hilux Pros

  • Excellent build quality
  • Performs superbly on and off road
  • Comfortable and spacious interior
  • Highly durable and reliable

Toyota Hilux Cons

  • Expensive price tag

Where to buy a Toyota Hilux in Sri Lanka?

Toyota Lanka Private Limited is the authorized dealer for Toyota cars in Sri Lanka. You can buy from them or from a 3rd party dealer.

Toyota Lanka showroom in Sri Lanka : 

  • Toyota Plaza, No 337, Negombo road, Wattala