TVS Ntorq 125 price in Sri Lanka

TVS Ntorq 125 price in Sri Lanka

What is the price of TVS Ntorq 125 in Sri Lanka?

TVS Ntorq 125 price in Sri Lanka starts from LKR 420,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 4.2).

TVS Ntorq 125 fuel efficiency on average is 40 - 50 km per Litre.

In addition the price of TVS Ntorq 125 varies with mileage and year of manufacturing.

TVS Ntorq 125 2018 Price - LKR 420,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 4.2)

TVS Ntorq 125 2019 Price - LKR 450,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 4.5)

TVS Ntorq 125 2020 Price - LKR 500,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 5)

TVS Ntorq 125 2021 Price - LKR 520,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 5.2)

TVS Ntorq 125 2022 brand new Price - LKR 550,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 5.5)

TVS Ntorq 125 Race edition Prices in Sri Lanka

TVS Ntorq 125 Race Edition 2020 Price - LKR 530,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 5.3)

TVS Ntorq 125 Race Edition 2021 Price - LKR 550,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 5.5)

TVS Ntorq 125 Race Edition 2022 brand new Price - LKR 600,000 (රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 6)

Type Scooter
Engine 125 cc
Horsepower 9.4 hp at 7500 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 5 Litres
Fuel Efficiency 40 - 50 km/L
Start type Electric and Kick start

TVS Ntorq 125 Review

The TVS Ntorq 125 is a bike that’s worth the money. It provides you with an aesthetic yet sturdy design that lasts for years. The bike has a high-quality build and can handle speeds up to 110 kilometers per hour. This makes it perfect for short commutes, long commutes, or just leisurely riding. It also comes equipped with several features like 12-volt battery, digital instrument cluster, aluminum chassis, and 150mm suspension to make the ride even more enjoyable. Looking for the perfect bike? Check out this TVS Ntorq 125 review!


TVS Ntorq 125 is an excellent commuter bike. You’ll be able to zip around town without any issues. It also comes with a sturdy design that will last for years. The build of this bike is top-notch, which means you won’t have to worry about it breaking easily or at all!

Another great feature of this bike is its speed. It can go up to 110 kilometers per hour, which makes it perfect for short commutes or long commutes. With the TVS Ntorq 125, you won’t have to worry about your long commute being too tedious or boring.

There are some other features that make the TVS Ntorq 125 an even better choice for commuters besides its fantastic speed and sturdy design. This bike has a 150mm suspension so you can ride in luxury around town. 


If performance is your concern, this bike won’t let you down. With speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour, this bike is perfect for both short commutes and long commutes alike with fuel effciency averaging 45 km per Litre of petrol. If you’re looking for a high-quality machine, look no further than this TVS Ntorq 125!


When it comes to safety, the TVS Ntorq 125 Bike Review has you covered. This bike comes with a 150mm suspension that can handle anything and everything on the road. It also has a 12-volt battery and digital instrument cluster that will help you monitor your current speed and fuel levels at all times. The aluminum chassis provides an extra layer of protection, so you don’t need to worry about falling off the bike.


There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a bike, but if you want a bike that will get you from A to B, the TVS Ntorq 125 is worth considering. It’s a bike you can rely on for a comfortable ride, and has the added bonus of being an environmentally friendly way of getting around.


TVS Ntorq 125 Pros

  • Good fuel efficiency than Honda Dio
  • Attractive design
  • Digital display with premuim features

TVS Ntorq 125 Cons

  • Expensive starting price

Where to buy a TVS Ntorq 125 in Sri Lanka?

TVS Lanka (Pvt) Limited is the authorized dealer for TVS Bikes in Sri Lanka. You can buy from them or from a 3rd party dealer.

TVS showroom in Sri Lanka : 

  • No. 38, Old Negombo Road, Wattala.