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At Car Price Lanka we help car buyers in Sri Lanka to make better choices.

Car Price Lanka is your trusted source of latest vehicle prices in Sri Lanka. We update our prices frequently based on the market value.

In addition to price of automobiles, we deliver their specs, stunning photos and in depth reviews from trusted sources.

In March 2020 Sri Lanka government imposed a temporary ban on importing motor vehicles to the country to strengthen country's economy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the vehicle prices have increased considerably and continue to fluctuate on a daily basis due to high demand despite of having a limited quantity of vehicles in the country.

carpricelanka.lk website was launched in order for the car buyers in Sri Lanka to get a general idea about the average price of a motor vehicle before buying. Without being a static site, Car Price Lanka updates its prices regularly in order to keep up with the fluctuating vehicle prices. In addition to the price of the vehicle, Car Price Lanka also displays its basic specifications like Engine capacity, Transmission type, Fuel economy and Fuel tank capacity so the buyers can make an informed decision when buying a motor car.

With each vehicle, the website gives a brief review of the vehicle including it's pros and cons. As of 5th September 2021, it has listed 15 most popular vehicles in Sri Lanka and will continue to add more vehicle listings in the future.

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